Full-service movers who ensure successful transitions.

When you are responsible for moving others, you can count on the move-management services of Golden Van Lines. You get the benefit of our years of experience in move-management. Our reputation is built on the success of the companies and employees we serve. Because we are full-service movers, we own firsthand knowledge in all aspects of moving. This deep base of experience allows insights you won’t find outside the transportation arena.

Processes and reporting to maximize value for you.

As your move-management partner, we follow proven processes to increase the value you receive from your transportation dollar. We collect and organize data so you can reach well-informed decisions. Using our clear and concise move-management reports, you can make RFPs work harder. Your choice of carriers can better match your requirements. Your vendor relationships can become stronger. With our precise measurements and recommendations, you’ll gain insights for more effective policies and enhanced employee satisfaction.

Industry-leading quality and technology.

As an agency of Atlas, Golden Van Lines is part of a respected, quality network of full-service movers. What’s more, Atlas technology is recognized by industry leader InformationWeek for innovation.

Senior Move-Management Services

Our senior move-management services provide an assurance of successful relocation for elderly customers. Moving can be difficult for older adults, especially when they must organize and/or dispose of belongings accumulated over a lifetime. With Golden Van Lines, you get gentle, professional assistance to ease the emotional and physical stress that relocation can have on seniors.

Put our experience to work.

To find out more about how our move-management services can work for you, contact us to request a free moving quote.